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Hospital Management Software



Product Description

We are Providing Hospital Management software in Bangladesh. Hospital management system is one of the most demanding and widely used software or applications throughout all the hospitals both in developed and developing countries contemporary. In the past days, hospital management claimed too much workforce to control the management system whereas already a great and vital efforts are being implied to the regular hospital activities. So, to come up with the solution to reduce the extra personnel to control the employees rather than focusing more on treatments, hospital management software are established and distributed among nations. These software are much easier and flexible to use, requires less staffs to maintain, works the most efficiently and perfectly compared to any other human being. We are producing the best and most efficient Hospital Management System and distributing accordingly with a reasonable price with a noble intention to take part in serving the nation being digital.

Hospital Management Software features :

1. System Setup
2. User Management
3. Administrative Management
4. Bedding Management
5. ICU
6. Admin
7. Reception & Help Desk Management
8. Patient & Information Outdoor (OPD)
9. Pathology(Automated test report generate)
10. Pathology Billing
11. Patient Information Indoor (IPD)
12. Patient Admission
13. Patient Release
14. Final Bill
15. Indoor Operation
16. OT Management
17. Hospitalized Information
18. Nurse Management
19. Doctor Management
20. Prescription
21. Lab Reports Management
22. Store Reports Management
23. Pharmacy Management
24. Accounts Management & Reports
25. Laundry Management
26. Blood Bank Management & Reports
27. Inventory or Store Management
28. HR & Payroll Management (with Attendance)
29. HR & Payroll Reports
30. MIS Reports


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