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HR & Payroll Management Software



Product Description

We are offering HR and Payroll software in Bangladesh. This is one of the most leading and spread software systems in the world now a day. Any organizations from every nook and corners of the world are adapting themselves with human resource software system as well as payroll software systems to enhance and develop their in-home management system more efficient and flexible in daily life. Generally, HR, and payroll software keep the accountability of the information regarding all the static data like in the organization about the workers, their salaries, bonus, presence, leaves, job vacancies, appointments, work hour and so on. Moreover, it gives you flexibility to keep track of all the workers starting from the operational level to the top level managements without interfering any man made implications. Managing human resource is the most difficult and sensitive part of any organization. This software system simply resolves all the complications of management activities digitally with the least amount of labor. We are offering HR and payroll software system with an affordable rate anywhere in the country or outside.

HR & Payroll Management Software modules :

Master Setup

**Roster Management

1.Shift Setup
2. Roster Plan setup
3. Roster Plan Details
4. Roster Details of Employee

**Recruitment Management

1.Job vacancy Announce
2. CV Submitted
3. CV Short List
4. Interview process
5. Result published
6. Appointment

**Attendance Management

1. Work Hour Setup
2. Manual check in/out
3. attendance through card/finger print
4. over time
5. Attendance data adjustment

**Leave Management

1.Leave Type
2. Policy
5.Summery (include in Avail & Total Leave Taken)

**Bonus Management

1. Bonus Setup
2. Bonus Processing
3. Bonus Adjustment

**Training Management

1. Training Details
2. Announce for Application
3. Application
4. Selection
6. Course & Questionnaire
7. Certification

**Employee Management

3. Academic
4. Experience
5. Training
7.Other qualification

**Service Management

2. Confirmation
3. Promotion
4. Transfer
5. Retirement

**Performance Management (KPI)

1.KPI Matrix Indicator
2.Corporate Score board
3.performance BENCHMARKING
4.Performance Evaluation Report

**Payroll Management

1.Salary sturcture
2.Actual Salary
4. Bonus
5. Provident Fund
6. Salary Sheet Generate Monthly
7. Loan(provident fund, house loan, Tax)
8. Allowance

**MIS Reports

1. Employee Information
2. Salary Information
3.Leave Information
4. Attendance Information
5. Others Report

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