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Store Management Software



Product Description

Departmental stores or mega super-shops are not any more unfamiliar to us now a day. These are being established rapidly in our common locality more and more just because of our convenience, and also for the vendors, because it’s very profitable and easy to manage and monitor over these shops using Store management software in Bangladesh’s aspect. In digital markets like super stores, it is very crucial and challenging to keep track of all the products of their quality and quantity remaining in the store. Manufacturing date, expiration date, quantity, weight, left overs, remaining products, inventory accountability, price, VAT, invoices and so on features are included in this type of software. I can bet you won’t find a nearby departmental store processing without a software system. So, it’s always better to use our software in a reasonable price even if you’re carrying on a smaller business for flexibility and accountability of products to proceed to the development digitally in Bangladesh.

Store Management Software Modules:

1.Department Setup
2.Section Setup
3.Employee Setup
4.Supplier Setup
5.Category Setup
6.Specification Setup
7.Product Name Setup
8.PR Insert Setup

i.Opening Stock
ii.New Stock


1.View Products
2.Insert products
3.Gate Pass Records

Stock Report:

** Product Wise Report
** Opening Balance Report
** Product Issue Report
** Supplier Report
** Gate Pass Report
** Closing Balance Report
** Stock Report


* Product Wise & All
* Date Wise
* Last Issued Date

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